Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Right Here in River City

Of Donald Trump and Harold Hill

In the Broadway show, Music Man, a con man wins over a small town, at least enough for them to enthusiastically (and financially) equip all the boys and girls with uniforms and instruments, and everything. ("It'll be great! Best band ever in the entire history of bands. Yuge! Today, on the streets, I hear many kids are saying, just sayin', 'there's nothing to do.' Who knows how they manage, with all that loser. So after I'm both your town's band leader and the personal music instructor to all the boys and girls, things will turn around, you'll see, it'll be excellent, right here in River City. Nice to see you. No more questions.")

There are no spoiler alerts because this is a profile piece, allegory-free. How the play/movie comes out isn't necessary here, but rest assured those who do know can see Donald Trump starring as Harold Hill, easily, moving forward on a project to make the best movie ever since they began making movies, quite frankly.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Todd: "Emperor Appears to Many to Be Clothed"

Professional turd repurposer, Donald Trump, has been quite successful at being quite successful since the big rollout on June 16.

Many pundits, including yours truly, had it so wrong in thinking we got it so right. Flash-in-the-pan, "999" v2.0, his rise to the top would mimic the chimeras from the 2012 shindig, eventually "you're fired" would be the headline, then on to the serious campaigning.

Wrong to the nth power. (Where "n" is an 8 letter word for bullsh*t in polite society.) That wrong.

And speaking of nonsense, could there ever be a more shove reality into the blender so anything with any form whatsoever looks important prop of the ganda than last Thursday's performance art?