Friday, January 29, 2016

Talk About a Hangover

Eight million dollars and FreedomWorks

Less government, lower taxes, economic freedom. The Tea Party 'miracle' was that it played a cynical okey-doke on redneck America, one more time. What, the Reagan revolution wasn't enough?

When you hear Trump supporters or operatives rail against the Republican establishment, they mean the cynical Machiavellists who set the country on a path to letting them get away with paying even less for the general well being of the commonweal. Eight million dollars and Freedom Works.

Their spawn, those posturing purists who in many cases successfully 'primaried' an incumbent who had held office for years with no complaints, set about the business of business first. That and a whole lot of agita over 'moral' issues dredged up from the first half of the last century.

In the realm of getting things done, which once was considered the meat and potatoes of government, they play the obstructionist card outright when they're not slapping on incongruous riders to necessary bills.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Ever Feel Like James Madison Has Hijacked Your Twitter?



and the sowing so and so's who sowed

Back around the triumph of David Brat, you could tell that an ill wind was being taken for normal. A sort of climate change.

Winning at any cost, laying out the necessary alternative reality to make proposals seem contextual rather than the shrewdly anarchic, synchronized talking points straight out of central command anyone with Frank Luntz's weight in lunchmeat for brains ought to be able to recognize, and delivering them with what passes for joy in this not as yet fully developed form of entertainment: that's the ticket. Learn how to punch that ticket and you'll go far with the plutocrats.

MSNBC and CNN: my how you've changed. Al Jazeera America: you're getting out of the market entirely. Local newscasts which are grateful for 'packages' delivered by national sources reinforce whatever is in the wind, for that is 'newsworthiness' on a budget. Trickle down idiocy.